Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello to all. Sorry it's been so long, but like many people in the world (you know who you are), we've had a lot going on lately. For example, our church's VBS was in June (it went extremely well), July and August we had birthdays to celebrate (happy birthday again!) and earlier this month we went to the beach (got a couple of pictures below so the grands won't jump on me).
This is an extremely rare picture of Gabby the Seaturtle. She's so shy usually no one can find her, but this year she came out of hiding and was munching on seaweed. I was soooo excited!
This fearsome beast is Annie Armstrong, my baby. :) Thanks again to my dear, sweet, charming, amazing, lovely... very patient- uncle and cousins who gave her a ride from the vet's office where we were boarding her to our house. I hope ya'll have gotten Ode de Basset Stank out of your car... Now, I think it's about time I explained the title I chose for this post. Sniff. It's what I've been doing all day. Can you believe I went and caught myself a cold the day before my doctor's visit? That's timing, right there! My nose is running, my ears are whistling (don't ask) and my head's so full of snot it feels like it's being squeezed like an orange, but this very day, through much toil, sweat and snot- I have found the cure for the common cold! Here is my cure for the common cold in three easy steps, so pay attention... 1. Sleep a lot- your mama will tell you that. 2. Eat lots of chocolate- your mama won't tell you this, but she should, chocolate has been proven to cure all ills. 3. Watch Sanford and Son- your mama will definately not tell you this, but everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine. Well, there it is! The cure for the common cold! Well, it hasn't cured me yet, but I still have faith... you can thank me later... Adios! :)

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  1. Good memories of the summer and good advise for all cold sufferors. I must disagree however about a certain TV show. Love, Mimi